Since 1989 North American Book Distributors, LLC has been a leading distributor of reference books and ebooks, specializing in Native American, First American, First Nations, African American and state history.

In addition to state history and African American history, Native American, First Nations, Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples history and culture are being taught in schools and are becoming a focal point of the curriculum at various levels of education.  Librarians and media specialists are looking for dedicated reference titles on these subject areas.'s selection of reference works includes State Encyclopedias, FWP State Guides, State Biographical Dictionaries, State Indian Encyclopedias, Native American Encyclopedias, FWP Slave Narratives, and Dictionary of State Historic Places, among many other historical reference publications and books.  The reference and history books offered by are considered definitive reference works on the people, places and events of First Nations, First Americans, African American and state history. Reference Books and Publications:

STATE ENCYCLOPEDIAS -  The State Encyclopedias are considered the definitive reference on the history and geography of each of the individual states.  The State Encyclopedias contain detailed information on the State Symbols and Designations, Geography, Archaeology, State History, Local History on individual cities, towns and counties, Chronology of Historic Events in the State, Profiles of Governors, Political Directory, State Constitution, and Bibliography of books about the state.

BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARIES - Contains biographies of people that have been important to the history of the state from various vocations and time periods.

NATIVE AMERICAN ENCYCLOPEDIAS - A history of state related tribes, biographies of noteworthy Native Americans, along with articles on the customs and ways of various tribes. November is National Native American Heritage Month.  Students and the public will be searching their school and public libraries for information on the history of state related Native Americans. We have many national and international reference works that cover North American Indians and Native Peoples of the Americas.   

DICTIONARIES OF HISTORIC PLACES - A complete listing of all the Historic Places in the State. The places include Historic Districts, Sites, Buildings, Structures and objects that are significant to State History, Archaeology, Architecture, Engineering and Culture.

STATE GUIDES - We are pleased to offer a reprint edition of the individual state guidebooks originally published by the Federal Writers Project in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

SLAVE NARRATIVES - Interviews of former slaves as told to the writers of the Federal Writers Project. February is Black History Month and copies of the Slave Narratives is a valuable resource for students wanting to understand the daily life of slavery.